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Thank you for entrusting your insurances to Webber Insurance Services. We pride ourselves on being the leader in providing expert professional insurance solutions to SME’s whilst maintaining our personal touch.

Being part of the Steadfast Group, which is the largest insurance broker network in Australia, provides us with flexibility and influence when negotiating with Insurers on your behalf. 

Our mission is to ensure that you and your business have the right protection in place should something unforeseen happen. We take the time to understand your business and the risks you face.

Our Insurance Products

We will find you the right insurance product for your business. We do all the research and comparisons for you, so you’ll get access to best insurance policy, at the best rate, for your business.

Business & Office Insurance

Life Insurance

Contract Works Insurance

Corporate Travel

Management Liability

Professional Indemnity

Cyber Insurance

Public Liability

IT Liability

Tailored Insurance For Associations

We specialise in creating insurance packages for Associations and their members. If you think we can help, talk to us today!

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Benefits For You

Steadfast are making it easier for us to address the needs of our customers who require life solutions.

The Steadfast Life offering:

Life Insurance

Income Protection Insurance

Trauma Insurance

Learn More About Life Insurance

Referral Program

Why not share your experience with Webber Insurance Services with your network of friends and family? If your referral takes up a policy with us, we will thank you with a $50 Gift Card!

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Making A Claim

If the unfortunate does occur, have peace of mind that we are here to assist. Our team of insurance professionals will work with you throughout the entire claims process to get you back on your feet as soon as possible and with minimal hassle. 

Please remember, it is important to call us as soon as you are aware of a claim or circumstance. 

  1. Do not respond to claimants or allegations against you.
  2. Call us on 1300 932 237 or email us.
  3. Complete the notification form.
  4. Leave it to us. We will maintain communication with you as the claim progresses.
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Frequently Asked Questions

If my circumstances change, do I need to review my insurance?

Yes, most definitely!

A change of circumstances may mean the insurance you have in place is no longer current. It may be that your circumstances change in a way that means your risk is reduced and you’re paying too much, or that your risk is increased and you’re exposed to uninsured losses. Either way, advising your broker of your changes will allow them to review your insurances and ensure your policies remain relevant. It’s advisable to review your insurance regularly – at the very least annually – because changes may have taken place that alter your risk profile, and the policies available to cover your risks may also have changed.

How do I know Webber Insurance will act fairly on my behalf?

At Webber Insurance we embrace the General Insurance Brokers Code of Practice which is intended to promote good relationships between insurance brokers, the people they insure, insurers and others involved in the insurance industry.

The Code is part of a self-regulatory scheme that sets out the responsibilities of participating insurance brokers and requires them to establish an internal process for resolving disputes with policy holders. Complaints and disputes against brokers in relation to the Code are handled by Insurance Brokers Disputes Ltd, whose members represent consumers, the Government and insurance brokers.

Details of our Disputes & Complaints processes can be found in our Financial Services Guide with further information here.

There are also a considerable number of laws that apply to our business, in particular the Corporations Act. As a financial services licensee we are responsible for the conduct of our employees as well as our Authorised Representatives.

How can I be sure that an insurance company is financially sound?

At Webber Insurance, we embrace the General Insurance Brokers Code of Practice which is intended to promote good relationships between insurance brokers, the people they insure, insurers and others involved in the insurance industry.

Most insurance companies operating in Australia are financially sound and the regulatory body, the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (APRA), maintains strict controls to ensure this continues. APRA oversees the activities of insurance companies, banks, credit societies, superannuation companies and others in the financial arena.

As a condition of our Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) under Webber Insurance Group, we are required to review each insurer and underwriting partner on a regular basis to ensure that only the financially sound partners are used.

There are minimum Capital Adequacy levels for APRA Authorised Insurers. For more information, please visit www.apra.gov.au.

What is a Financial Services Guide (FSG)?

A Financial Services Guide (FSG) must be given to a potential client by a licensee (or an Authorised Representative) as soon as practicable. It sets out information in regard to how we do business such as:

  • Documenting the standard basis on which we act for the client.
  • Providing all statutory notices and other information required by law (e.g. how we get paid).
  • Explaining how we will handle a client’s business

Webber Insurance Services Financial Services Guide is readily available by contacting our office or by clicking here.

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