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Professional Indemnity Insurance for Building Inspectors

It is vital that as a professional Building Inspector, you have appropriate Professional Indemnity cover in place to ensure that you are adequately protected for the inspections that you undertake. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how experienced you are, mistakes can still happen. Building Inspector Insurance is intended to protect you should you become legally liable for costs as a result of; 

  • Any actual negligent act, error or omission; or
  • Any alleged negligent act, error or omission.
If your business is found liable,

Building Inspector Insurance can cover the cost of:

Errors in Reporting

Failure to Report

Damage to Property

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Public Liability Insurance for Building Inspectors

It is also important for Building Inspectors to consider Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance is intended to provide cover to you and/or your business for bodily injury or property damage caused to a third party, as a result of an occurrence in connection with your business activities. Public Liability Insurance will also pay for defence and legal costs in connection with such claims. 

As a Building Inspector, consider your liability risk when you visit sites or homes, as there is a chance that you may cause damage or bodily injury whilst undertaking your inspections. For example, whilst undertaking an inspection you accidentally drop a tool that causes damage to your customer’s property. 

Public Liability is generally available for Building Inspectors to be taken as an extension with Professional Indemnity Insurance.

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Types of Inspectors That We Can Assist

Based on the current building inspector insurance markets that we have available, we are generally able to assist Building Inspectors who undertake the following services; 

  • Pre Purchase Building Inspections 
  • Pre Purchase Pest & Termite Inspections 
  • Pest & Termite Inspections (Non-Pre Purchase) 
  • Pool Safety Inspections 
  • Asbestos Inspections (Identification Only) 
  • Building Defect Reports/Dilapidation Reports 
  • Handover Inspections (Only once a property is fully completed) 
  • Expert Witness Services in Connection with Above Services 

At this time, we unfortunately do not have any available options for Staged Construction Inspections, or certification-related inspections.

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