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Professional Indemnity Insurance designed specifically to protect you from financial loss in the building industry.
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What is Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Professional Indemnity Insurance is intended to protect you should you become legally liable for costs as a result of;

  • An actual negligent act, error, or omission, or
  • Any alleged negligence act, error, or omission

Professional Indemnity Insurance is no longer just for the traditional professionals such as Accountants, Architects, Lawyers, and Engineers. Now, many other types of businesses, including builders, have Professional Indemnity exposures that they should consider protecting.

A large number of contracts for construction now require Design and Construct entities to maintain their own Professional Indemnity Insurance. More importantly, customers are becoming increasingly aware of their rights to pursue construction companies, where they believe those entities are responsible for a loss they have suffered in relation to poor or inadequate design.

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Facts from a construction insurer

45% of buildings that fail are due to design issues, so design risk is always present.

Builders who engage consultants are exposed to any liability that results from that consultant’s work or advice.

This exposure can be partial, for example, for simple defence costs, or total there the consultant may have ceased trading.

Design & Construct vs standard Professional Indemnity policies

Standard Professional Indemnity policies are not generally suitable for any business that performs physical construction work, as most Professional Indemnity policies will contain standard exclusions for claims in connection with construction, installation or fabrication of any goods or products.

‘Design & Construct’ Professional Indemnity policies have been specifically designed to cater for businesses that perform the physical construction or manufacture of products, goods, structures or buildings, as well as having responsibility for the provision of any design, advice or any other professional services relating to those works.

Cover under a Design & Construct Professional Indemnity policy provides protection from financial loss, for the conduct of professionals in the building industry who perform a combination of physical construction or
installation and design. Examples of coverage may include;

  • Civil Liability for the provision of your Professional Services
  • Claims as a result of Faulty Designs or Inaccurate Advice
  • Breach of Duty (including acts, errors, omissions, misleading statements)
  • Mitigation Costs
  • Defence Costs

Do I still need Public Liability or Contract Works cover?

Yes. A Design & Construct policy will provide Professional Indemnity cover only, and is not intended to replace the cover that a Public Liability or Contract Works policy would provide.

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