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Working as an environmental consultant means that you are regularly providing clients with advice or recommendations. This makes having a quality Professional Indemnity Insurance policy critical to protecting your business and your own assets.

As a specialist insurance broker within the environmental consulting industry, we not only understand the work you are undertaking, but can also provide advice on the right type of insurance policy for your requirements.

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Which industries do we work with?

We work with environmental consultants in many industries, including:

  • Clean Energy Industry
  • Commercial
  • Construction
  • Local Authorities / Government Bodies
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining Industry
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Power Industry
  • Residential Water Industry
“Great service, and prices. Very friendly, reliable and helpful. Highly recommended them and will continue to use them for my insurance needs.”
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What type of work can we assist with?

Environmental consulting means that you are dealing with contaminates such as asbestos, meaning that without the correct advice, you could have an insurance policy that is not suitable to your business requirements. We have access to multiple different insurance providers, both locally and via Lloyds to ensure we can adequately protect your business.

We are able to assist environmental consultants that undertake the following type of work:

  • Acoustics & Noise Prevention
  • Asbestos Auditing
  • Asbestos Removal (including Project Management)
  • Building Inspections
  • Dangerous Goods Consulting/Auditing
  • Environmental Audits/Consulting/Engineering
  • Environmental Compliance Advice
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • General OH&S Consulting
  • Health & Safety Risks Assessment
  • Inspection & Testing of Machinery
  • Land Contamination Advice
  • Machinery & Heavy Vehicle Training/Ticketing
  • Mine Safety Consulting
  • Occupational Hygiene Consulting
  • Occupational Rehabilitation Consulting
  • OH&S Training (classroom based only)
  • Pollution – Consulting / Testing / Auditing / Other
  • Radiation – Consulting / Testing / Auditing / Other
  • Recycling
  • Safety EngineeringSite Remediation and Assessment
  • Soil Testing
  • Toxic Mould/Fungi
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Water Quality Audits

*We may be able to assist where work falls outside the above list. 

What cover do I require?

Environmental consultants generally need the following minimum insurance cover:

We can provide assistance on required levels of cover where possible.

Environmental consultants may also require the following insurance covers:

  • Asbestos Liability insurance (where removal works are also being undertaken)
  • Commercial Motor insurance
  • General Property insurance
  • Income Protection insurance

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