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Insurance for Thermal Performance Assessors.
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Tailored Thermal Performance Assessor Insurance Program

Webber Insurance Services has created a tailored Thermal Performance Assessors Insurance Program for ABSA members that will meet the insurance requirements of Thermal Performance Assessors throughout Australia.

This program incorporates an individual policy per client with a cover limit of $1,500,000 per claim, with higher limits available if needed. There is also no additional per certificate cost involved with this insurance.

An optional Public Liability cover is available where required.

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What Type of Work Can Thermal Performance Assessor Insurance Cover?

This Thermal Performance Assessor Insurance policy has been created to provide cover for the following types of work:

  • House Energy Rating Assessments (HERS)
  • Thermal Performance Assessments
  • Commercial Energy Rating Assessments
  • Home Sustainability Assessments
  • Whole of Home Assessments
  • Energy Efficiency Assessments
  • Professional Advice Relating to the above services
  • Quality Assurance Audits
  • BASIX Certification

To meet the eligibility requirements of this program, you must be qualified to undertake the above relevant types of work in the state/s you are working.

What Work Can’t Be Included in a Thermal Performance Assessor Insurance Policy?

Whilst our Thermal Performance Assessor Insurance policy is flexible, covering a variety of similar roles, we are unable to cover the following services:

Whilst this policy cannot incorporate the above services, we have access to a range of other suitable policies.

Webber Insurance Services is the approved insurance partner of the Building Designers Association of Australia (BDAA) and Australian Building Sustainability Association.

To join BDAA, please visit

Victorian Residential Scorecard Assessors

If you are applying to become a Residential Scorecard Assessor, we are able to extend this policy to suit your requirements.

To meet the insurance requirements, a policy must have:

  • $2,000,000 Professional Indemnity cover
  • $10,000,000 Public Liability cover

Please include this coverage requirement when you complete the online form, or alternatively please contact us on 1300 932 237 to discuss your individual requirements.

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