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Insurance for your asbestos handling, removal or advisory services.

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Asbestos Liability Insurance

Who needs it?

Asbestos Liability Insurance is critical to those who deal with asbestos – either directly or indirectly.

But other than asbestos removalists, who else is exposed?

Despite high asbestos related payouts and compensation claims both locally and abroad, asbestos is still excluded from a majority of insurers policies.

Those removing and dealing with asbestos on a regular basis understand the requirements of having this cover included, but what about those who inadvertently come into contact with asbestos?

A roofing contractor has no cover under their public liability policy if a piece of an asbestos roof fell and hit a parked car. As the piece of roof is asbestos, their claim would be declined.

Does a plumber or electrician know that if they drill through a wall and it contains asbestos, the home or business owners could be exposed to the asbestos in the long term, however their standard public liability policy would give them no protection.

What would be the potential size of a claim if a building surveyor missed or inaccurately advised on the amount of asbestos located in a building? If a professional indemnity claim was made due to the surveyors negligence, a standard policy would not provide protection against an asbestos related claim.

Liability for claims relating to asbestos can now be covered via specialist underwriting agencies.

What Our Asbestos Contractors Say About Us

Webber Insurance have been a pleasure to deal with. Daniel knows his product and current pricing seems competitive with other Insurers. His personalised advice has been excellent along with his friendly interaction with our staff. Had the good fortune so far of not requiring his claims service but trust it will come through with the same excellence.- Trevor McDonald - M.T. Civils Pit Piping & Cabling
If your business is found liable

Asbestos liability insurance can cover the cost of:

Injury to a 3rd party

Asbestos handling

Asbestos removal

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Cover can be arranged for the following type exposures:

  • Working With or Making Safe Asbestos Sites
  • Asbestos Related Advice
  • Asbestos Removal
  • Waste/Landfill Management
  • Sampling/Testing
  • Property Owners
  • Demolition
  • Strip-outs
  • Excavation, Earthmoving & Digging
  • Underground Work
  • Salvage Sales

Fines and Penalties Can be Severe

Matters relating to asbestos are an Occupational Health and Safety exposure as well as an Environmental Law issue where breaches can result in large fines under various Statutes. This applies whether or not you specifically perform work with Asbestos.

The asbestos liability policy can be extended to include statutory liability providing protection for fines and penalties that may arise. Note that a standard management liability or statutory liability policy, will more than likely exclude any claims relating to asbestos or pollution.

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Note: We are unable to assist for public liability cover for asbestos removal businesses with a turnover of less than $100,000.

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