Webber Insurance Partner with TryBooking

As a specialist in the Event Insurance industry, Webber Insurance strives to help event organisers make their lives easier when running events of all sizes. We have partnered with Trybooking who provide assist Event Organisers with electronic ticketing and money collection.

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TryBooking – Events Made Easy

If you like the idea of doing less administration work, providing a secure way for your event attendees to buy tickets to your event and increasing protection against risk, then consider using TryBooking for your next event.


TryBooking is Australia’s largest DIY platform for event ticketing, bookings and registrations. The software lets anyone in Australia create events and sell tickets online, set up registrations, bookings, payments and donations.


It is low cost (even free for free events) and simple to use, with features for any kind of event from private parties to fundraisers, to large-scale festivals. By reducing manual work and improving event track-ability, TryBooking can also help you to run events more smoothly and with reduced risk.

Selling Tickets Online Keeps Records Clean

Organisers who set up their custom events and sell tickets through TryBooking are given access to a number of real-time sales and marketing reports.


The platform automatically keeps records of everything surrounding your event, from revenue to attendee details, to cancellations and refunds. There are over 27 types of reports that can be generated instantly in the platform, which makes for easier auditing.


Reports can be exported to various formats and uploaded to other systems, such as CRMs and email software. By having this kind of information readily available at all times, you can better prepare yourself in the face of risk or liability.

The Right Data Can Minimise Event Risk

TryBooking offer a range of data collection features to create (mandatory or optional) custom fields asking your event attendees for specific information.


This includes mandatory agreement with the event terms and conditions (including refund or late cancellation policies), waiver forms, dietary requirement forms for food safety and more.


You can also collect parent/guardian permissions and contact details for events with minors, ensuring that anyone who attends will have to acknowledge and provide this information first. Having all of this information on hand prior to the event allows you to make more informed choices about your event set up, catering, identifying potential risks and more.


With TryBooking the data you collect from your guests is 100% your own. The platform does not compromise the information your guests provide by selling it to third party companies. Your data is secure (Level 1 Payment Card Industry Compliant), hosted in Australia and never sold to third parties.

TryBooking has the Lowest Fees in the Industry

TryBooking charge 2 very small fees at the point of the transaction:

  • 30 cents per ticket for each transaction, and
  • 1 % processing fee + 50 cents each transaction.

They are currently the most affordable option in Australia and have maintained low fees since launch 10+ years ago.


Other pricing features for your event include:

  • No fees at all for free events.
  • No fees for complimentary tickets.
  • No contracts, cancellation or set up fees.
  • No subscription fees.
  • No merchant facility costs or monthly charges.
  • No fees for account management and additional support requirements.
  • Advanced pricing options for your event tickets, including promotional codes, limits and pricing templates.

To learn more about their pricing, click here.

TryBooking is Australia Owned & Operated

The staff at TryBooking have 10+ years of experience powering events and a deep understanding of the ins and outs of running them, and how you can manage or mitigate risks from day 1 of planning to on the day. They’re based in Melbourne but help clients all over Australia, and offer support over phone, email and social media.


Get in touch and have a chat about how they can help with your next event.

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