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A tailored insurance policy specifically for sports agents to protect you against any potential exposures.

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What Type of Insurance Cover Do Sports Agents Need?

Webber Insurance Services specialises in providing insurance solutions for Sports Agents.

As a sports agent, you are likely to provide a range of services for your clients in order to manage their professional sporting careers.

This may include:

  • Managing marketing and sponsorship opportunities
  • Negotiation of client’s contracts
  • Facilitating commercial and corporate opportunities
  • Financial and legal management
  • Event management
  • Lifestyle management

What cover do you require as a sports agent?

In order to deliver your services, you are required to provide professional advice.

It is therefore essential that you have the correct insurance in place to protect yourself in the event of a professional negligence claim.

Having a Professional Indemnity policy in place protects against claims for loss or damage by your client if you have made mistakes or are found to have been negligent in some or all of the services that you provide for them.

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