Small Event Insurance

Insurance cover for a one-off or small event such as a birthday party, art exhibition or corporate function.

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Small Event Insurance

Small Event Insurance is suitable if you are arranging a one-off or small event such as a birthday party, art exhibition or corporate function. We have many insurance options available to meet your needs.

To be eligible for this type of small event insurance, your event must not exceed a total attendance number of 1000 people. If your are planning over 1000 people, please visit our large event page.

Premiums from $195 per event

Attendance $10 Million $20 Million
Up to 1000 people $195 $250

Running Multiple Events?

We can assist with cover required for the running of multiple events.

If you need a quote for multiple events, please complete your details here.

If you are a Professional Event Planner, please visit our Event Planner Page.

Events we can assist with include:

  • Birthday Functions (Excluding 18 – 25 year old)
  • Engagement Parties / Anniversary Functions
  • Weddings / Commitment Ceremonies
  • Christenings / Bar Mitzvah
  • Art Exhibitions
  • AGM’s / Meetings / Presentations / Corporate Functions / Trivia Nights / Seminars
  • Charity Balls / Charity Dinner Dances / Other Charity Events
  • Craft Shows, Fashion Shows, Garden Shows
  • Expos & Trade Shows
  • Afternoon Teas & Dinners / Brunches
  • Cultural Events including Food and/or Wine Festivals
  • Film Festivals
  • Gala Dinners / Lunches
  • Community Fairs / Community Markets

*Please note these prices are only indicative and may vary depending on the nature of the event.

We can assist with one off Sporting Events including:

  • Baseball Match or Tournament
  • Basketball Match or Tournament
  • Beach Sports
  • Cricket Match or Tournament
  • Cycling (Closed Road only)
  • Dance Events
  • Golf Match or Tournament
  • Football (AFL/NRL/ARU) Match or Tournament
  • Tennis Match or Tournament
  • Running / Walking Events

*Please note these prices are only indicative and may vary depending on the nature of the event.

Small Events FAQ’s

To read how the process works, please visit our easy 7 step guide to purchasing Event Insurance.

Legal liability to pay for compensation arising from

  • Personal Injury to any person
  • Property damage to items other than those belonging to you

The policy insures a person(s) or corporate body(ies). This is known as the Insured Party. The policy also extends to cover:

  • Partners, Officers, Directors, Employee or Volunteer of the Insured Party, whilst acting within the scope of their duties for the Insured Party.
  • Principals, with limitations, due to contractual requirements. Please contact us for further details about this definition.


This policy only provides protection for public liability cover. If cover is needed for cancellation or re-scheduling, please contact us to arrange an alternative quote.

Premiums for this small events cancellation insurance start at around $500 for a small event.


The insurer provides coverage for events that include alcohol.

Any claim arising from the consumption of alcohol will attract a higher excess which will be noted on the quote.

There are however some limitations around BYO alcohol for certain events.


The premium indicated for Small Event Insurance is fixed with no discount available if there is no alcohol provided.

The insurer provides a longer period of cover for what is called bump in and bump out.

Bump in is the day before the event when set up is usually occurring. Bump out is the day after the event when clean up is occurring.

The insurer provides coverage as there is the possibility that a public liability claim could arise a day either side of the event.

If you need either period extended, please make a note when completing the period of cover field on the quote request.

Webber Insurance can assist with a range of different event covers.

If there is less than 1000 people attending, please still complete the form and we will send it to the insurer to be quoted.

If they are comfortable with the nature of the event, the indicated prices may still apply.

If you need either period extended, please make a note when completing the period of cover field on the quote request.

If the event is greater than 1000 people, please visit our large event page for further details.

Usually with Event Insurance, you are obtaining cover at the request of a third party. This third party usually dictates the limit of cover that is required.

If there is no set requirement, please consider your exposure to property damage or bodily injury.

If you believe the risk is low, then the lower option may be suitable. If there is a higher risk of a claim occurring, the higher limit should be selected.

Please complete the online quote form and note the day that cover is required to be put in place.

We usually provide responses same day however please note that any coverage that is required for a Friday night or weekend needs to be advised prior to Midday on the Friday at the absolute latest.

Yes, the policies available provide protection either on private or public land.

All contractors should have their own public liability coverage in place and will not be covered under this policy.

We can set up an annual policy for people who will be having more than the one event.

To arrange a quote please complete your details here.

Other Information

The insurers traditionally do not provide cover for the following types of activities. If there is something listed below that you specifically need covered, please let us know.

  • Claims arising from crowd control or security activities where such activities are conducted by the Insured. This exclusion does not apply should crowd control or security activities be conducted by a professionally licensed security firm who carries their own liability insurance. 
  • Claims arising from fireworks and/or pyrotechnics. This exclusion does not apply to fire. Exclusion does not extend to the Vicarious Liability of the Insured.
  • Audience participation for all performers using fire in their act.
  • Liability of contractors and sub-contractors unless agreed.
  • Injury to persons participating in sporting or novelty events unless agreed.
  • Molestation.
  • Hold Harmless Agreements or liability assumed under contractor or agreements unless agreed.

The below represent activities that can in some instances be covered by an insurer however would not be considered under our ‘Small Event Insurance’ package. Please contact us to discuss any of the activities listed below.

  • If you are the organiser or promoter of a demonstration, rally, protest, parade, picket or similar activity.
  • Audience participation cover for sporting, adventurous, dangerous or hazardous activities.
  • Workshop type activities.
  • Events not situated on the Australian mainland or Tasmania, or islands without road access to the Australian mainland or Tasmania.
  • Event Organisers who have disclosed prior criminal convictions, had a policy declined, is in receivership or under administration or has an undischarged bankruptcy.
  • Any Event or Organiser of an Event that has had a Event Insurance claim in the past 5 years.

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